Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day--Remembering Our Fallen Hero's "THE WALL THAT HEALS"

On October 2, 2010, I woke the kids to get an early start on a beautiful crisp fall day. In Blue Springs Missouri from Sept 30 through Oct 3, 2010, hosted a historical event that was very dear to my heart.

The Wall That Heals this is a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. It is approximately 250 ft long and like the original Memorial is erected in a chevron-shape. The replica is complete with the names of 58,249 service members who were killed or missing in action from the conflict. When new names are added to the Washington D.C. Memorial the replica is also updated. The trailer that carries The Wall That Heals is a mobile museum when emptied. The sides open up to display photo's of the service members who served, letters left at the Memorial as remembrances and other memorabilia that tell the story of the Vietnam War.

My Grandfather served in the Army during the Vietnam War and did come home with a purple heart. We were one of the lucky families who's family member returned home, but 58,000 + others did not. I felt this was a very import and educational event for my three children to experience and to understand more of what really happened, the effects left behind, how our soldier's were treated and how the world reacted to the conflict. As a person who comes from a very strong military family of all branches and a mother to a young son who has always wanted to be a Marine when he grows up, to protect his country. I really want my children to understand how important it is to respect and honor the service men and women who fight for OUR FREEDOM at all cost! I want them to know that even if we do not understand why or agree with war, we MUST ALWAYS RESPECT, HONOR and LOVE, our SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN who put THEIR LIVES on the line for us everyday without hesitation! Never disrespect ALWAYS love and honor!

I can not explain it but when you see the wall for the first time it is so over-whelming! You have this feeling of great sadness, tears begin falling, respect, love and peace all rolled together. It is truly an experience that everyone should have. I know that I could not afford to take the whole family to D.C. to see the Memorial (which my children-the boys did ask us to do for vacation several times), so to experience the replica was so AWESOME for us! As we walked I told the my kids some stories that my Grandfather told to me, it was a true bonding family day for us. I only wish my husband would have been able to experience this day with us but he had to work.

Enough about us I also want to share some beautiful pictures of the day with you and hope you enjoy them.

God Bless and please pray for Our Servicemen and women to return to their families safely.