Monday, October 11, 2010

Money saving Tips: The way I store and carry my SU stamp pads and my cricut roller bag I made

Saving money is big these days and I want to show you two ways I have with crafting.

Now I store my SU stamp pads in Lg Snap Totes, they are $24.99 for a 3 pc set and inside is 3 plastic dividers. I use the 3 plastic dividers and make 3 more out of cardboard and a stripe of white plastic (to make it all match)to make the shelves. They stack perfect on my desk and are very convenient when taking to crops. In the clearance isle at Wal-Mart I bought these luggage straps for $2.00 and I use this to secure all the totes together for safety and to relieve the stress on the latches when carrying them. Remember you can use a 40 to 50 percent off coupon on these. Great savings!! check out the photos.

My cricut roller bag is really a plain roller bag of Elvis Presley (big fan) my hubby found it in a thrift store and it was the perfect size so I sewed in straps with velcro on then to hole the cricut in place. I had the straps they were a bad handle I did not use so I cut it in half and I had the velco. That part was Free and the bag was $15.00 plus tax. Cheap compared to the actual cricut bags that are 40-80 dollars each.